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Silvia T Suarez was born in Pucallpa, Peru in 1958. Despite her early artistic inclination, Suarez was
forced to select a “more productive” field because painting was economically and socially risky. Victim of
the circumstances, Suarez had to study conservation and restoration a field related to the arts but not
her choice. Fortunately, today, she is married to a painter and she has evolved in to one of the best
painters in South America.

To the critics Suarez has that magical touch that painters like Fatin-Latour and Redon had. Her painting
show a nice soft brushstroke that commands strength. Her colours are soft and angelical, but with

These attributes did not come easy, however. It has been a hard and long struggle that made he almost
abandon her dream more than once. Fortunately, her husband, the well-known impressionist painter
Jose Lopesalcedo, convinced her to persist and it has paid off.
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