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Pedro Tapia was born in Tacna, Peru, in 1970. He displayed exceptional talent at an early age and decided to become an artist. He studied art at the Federico Laso Art School in Tacna and later enrolled at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes Del Peru (ENBA) in Lima. Tapia’s philosophy is ultimately simple: art is expression. The challenge is for the artist to find different ways of expressing what can be seen.
The soul, according to Tapia, is the true eye of the painter.

Artistic talent has a divine source, and it is the privilege e and responsibility of the painter to interpret “The Splendor of Creation”. Tapia is a fabulous realist artist; a perfectionist whose meticulous style is admired by his peers. “Being a figurative and realistic painter”, according to Tapis, “ is the best way to natural expression which is the mission of any artist”. Tapia’s style is reminiscent of the great masters, whose interpretations were so pure. Tapia’s interpretations are dichotomous; displaying a modern technical perfection while at the time displaying a distinct classical look. Tapia sees nothing wrong in combining old and new; reviewing prevailing trends allows for the instinctive observation of the progression of mankind through time. Tapia has exhibited extensively since 1990. His paintings are in many private collections and galleries
throughout the Americas. His is an artist who is faithful to his artistic vision – an admirable quality that will ensure his success for years to come.
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