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Cheri Clearwater is originally from Ohio and California but has made her home in Florida for the past 30 years. She works from her studio in Cape Coral Florida. Cheri Specializes in Acrylic Seascapes, beach waves, Florida Marshlands, portraits and animal paintings. “My favorite subject is waves crashing on the beach”. “I particularly like to portray the delicate translucency of light through the wave as it tops and curls. I am inspired by the unlimited amount of movement and action in the water as it bounces off each bit of volume. The patterns in the sea foam are endless and ever changing. I love the challenge to capture a fleeting moment frozen in time for the viewer to wander in.” Her introduction into art was from an early age. She states, “I feel that I was born with a pencil in my hand. I can remember an always present urge to draw the things that I had feeling towards. Connecting with the spirit of the animal or the movement, shape or colors in water. That is where the connection holds the magic.” It is with this prescription she makes her choice of subject material for a painting. She works in a realistic style and in acrylic medium. Some of her favorite influences are the waves of California and the beaches on the east coast of Florida and the boardwalks through the mangroves and marshlands. Her Equine art is very close to her heart. Conveying the emotional bond between the herd members and following the Wild Mustangs in the USA. Artist she admires are Richard Schmid, Irina Cumberland, Vladimir Volegov, Greg Biolchini and Jill Soukup. Cheri’s process she states is very free flowing . “I can see the painting I want within the reference or in my minds eye before I start. I develop it around a loose structure indicated on the canvas. I feel the magic is in the activity of painting. It is a collaboration between myself and the Universe. “ Cheri goes on to say, “For me art is like breath, it’s just necessary. My goal is to bring beauty, peace, calm or intrigue into the viewers heart and mind”. It is with the rich chemistry in her paintings whether in animals or nature that draws people to her work and captures their hearts. Her paintings are in private collections in California, Florida, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Washington and from as far away as Germany.

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