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Carmen Lagos

The watercolor medium allows me to work fast – almost without thinking – just responding to the
effects that the water and the pigment are creating on the paper. So the final result is not completely
anticipated . . . each brushstroke is an immediate response to the one before . . . just like nature
responding to the effects of water and light. I feel very good when someone say that my watercolors
are calm – the result of meditation.
I work over Arches watercolor paper, I prefer the cold press surface, it lets me apply as many layers as I want. I really don’t need more than one brush for the entire piece, preferring a large #12. I feel better
working on more than four pieces at the same time. It keeps my eyes and ideas fresh! 
This is a Giclee Reproduction from an original watercolor The edition is limited to 100 signed and numbered by the artist. All images are printed on Fine Art paper.

These images are also available in other sizes; for more information, please visit our website at Please visit our blog at the site.
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