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Alfredo Candela was born in Alcoy, Alicante, in 1959. He attended his first painting studies the the School of Fine Arts in Alcoy, then moved to Valencia. It was here where attended his preference for marine subjects, being one of his great specialties. It dominates the colour both in cold tones and the warmest quality that we can observe in its bright and luminous marinas, without forgetting the floral themes and the landscapes.
Despite his age, he is still studying at the University of Valencia trying to improve his artistic skills. For these reasons, he is trying with the new tendencies, looking for the modern and young market.
Although he has not lavished much on solo exhibitions, he has frequently collaborated in various group exhibitions. On his first steps as an artist, he did exhibitions in Cultural centers, banks, and official institutions, and his first individual exhibition was in 1981.

Even though his has participated in more than 100 exhibitions, we cite those remarkable ones from
recent years.
February 2015 (Colectiva) Galeria de Arte Lopez Isaza, Monterey, Mexico.
May 2015 Galeria Sanchez y Juan, Elche
November-December 2015, Cartagena
January 2014 Galeria Zuccaro, Madrid
May 2014 Galeria Xerion. A Coruna (individual)
July 2014 Galeria Milenium gallery, Granada, (colectiva)
August 2014 Galeria De Arte Ana Rubio, Oropesa del Mar (colectiva)
November 2014, Galeria Segrelles, Valencia
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